Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flea Market Finds

I went to the flea market today on the search for more books to add to my classroom library, and I struck gold! I found a bookstore that had shelves and shelves full of books that were mostly $1! They were also in very good condition. I bought as much as I could carry and plan on making another trip back to get some more leveled readers. Here's a peak at what I found:

I also bought this bucket of cookie cutters from Lakeshore that had the original $16.95 sticker on it, but were being sold for only $3.

Last, I got the game Chutes and Ladders still in original packaging for $5! Perfect for math stations to help counting skills. 

I tried to find some garage sales and had no luck. Maybe next weekend. If not, back to the flea market for this girl! I am going to need an extra suitcase to bring back all of the stuff I am buying for my classroom.

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  1. I love finding good finds like these at flea markets & garage sales. Great job. I love when the library has book sales. I usually go on the last day, because the last 2 hours are fill a box for $5 & I'll leave there with a rolling cart of as many boxes that the cart can hold & that I can carry.