Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Grade 5 Tribute

Like I mentioned yesterday, today was our assembly presentation. On top of our required chapel presentation once a semester, every class also presents at one of our weekly Lower School Assemblies. Assemblies are usually an opportunity for each grade level to share with the rest of the school something they have been learning in their class. Students can do skits, a reader's theater, read reports, sing a song, do a dance, etcetera. During the second semester, the Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes combine together to use our assembly time to give a tribute to the Grade 5 class before they head off to the big, scary world of Middle School (the mysterious building lurking across the playground).

Leading up to the tribute, all of the students in Pre K/Kinder are paired up with Grade 5 students. We got together a few times throughout the year to become well acquainted with our buddies. We read stories in the library, played on the playground, drew with sidewalk chalk... Our buddies even joined us for our volleyball lesson in P.E. We compiled all of our pictures from these events into an end of the year slideshow to share at the tribute. We also made a music video to Will.i.am's song "What I am" from Sesame Street (I've tried and tried to upload the video, but it keeps failing. Does anyone know why or how I could upload it differently?) Last, we danced to another Sesame Street song, this time "Believe in Yourself" by NSync. As we said our goodbyes, we gave our buddies a candy bar and butterfly cards with the message, "Keep on flying high" to match our song. We will miss our buddies when they head up to Middle School, but we will still see them around campus!

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