Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky Party

My very first Linky Party! Miss KindergartenA Cupcake for the Teacher, and A Modern Teacher are hosting their second Summer Bucket List Linky Party. Link up and share your summer plans too!

My summer bucket list is way too long to post everything I want to do, so I am only going to share with you a few key things I have in store for my summer.

1. Travel

My goal this summer while home is to check off all of the places in Florida from the book 1,000 Places See Before You Die. I already have my first mini road trip planned that will make stops in Palm Beach, Miami, Key West, and the Everglades.

2. Make

I plan on making Travel Keepsake Kits for the different places I have been. I also want to make Photobooks of my travels using a website like Shutterfly or Mixbook. I haven't used either website before, so if you have a preference over one or the other, please share!

I want to make a hanger for my necklaces instead of leaving them in tangled piles on my shelf. This project seems easy enough as long as I can find some cute knobs.

3. Organize
I mentioned yesterday that I am organizing my classroom library; I want to make these from A Cupcake for the Teacher to help keep it organized next year.

Speaking of organization...

First I want to reorganize my Sub Folder. Living in a third world country, you never know when you'll get an icky stomach bug, so it is best to be prepared with emergency sub plans. Kindergarten Works has a bunch of great resources I plan to use to help me with this project.

I also want to fix up my Guided Reading Binder. Once again, Kindergarten Works has fantastic tips. I have already purchased her Guided Reading Pack and now I just need to put it all together to be ready for next year.

4. Read

I have recently become more conscious of my eating habits as I am currently reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food. Once I finish that, I want to read some of his other books including The Omnivores Dilemma and Food Rules.

5. Pursue Hobbies

Two things I want to spend a lot of time doing this summer are yoga and photography. I have a subscription to the website Yoga Download and practice yoga a few times a week on my own or with a friend, but while I am in the U.S. this summer, I would like to find a yoga studio and sign up for a summer membership.

I also recently bought a new DSLR camera and am so, so excited to start using it, but I have no idea how! I bought a Groupon for a photography course to get some pointers for a beginner like myself. I am quite the shutterbug already, but I want to be good at photography so that I can really capture moments how I see them.

Now it is your turn. What is on your summer bucket list?


  1. Love your owls :) I love hot yoga. I try to go once a week but sometimes don't make it...I'm a new follower! Looking forward to reading more!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  2. Love love love your list!! I hope you have a great summer! Thanks for linking up with us :)